What to do?

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Definitely do and see

1. Svetlanskaya Street and city center in general
Vladivostok has many buildings from the end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries and they are awesome. It is easy to walk around and check many of them and if I were you that would be the first thing, I would do in a city.

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2. Central Square and the The Monument to the Fighters for Soviet Power on Far East
Central Square is just a piece of asphalt, not so interesting, it is located near the Administration of Primorskiy Kray (big white building). However, monument is very expressive and very “soviet”. If you have warm feelings to Soviet Russia, it’s a place to be. Also, you have a very awesome view on the one of the city’s main streets. Meanwhile, this monument is one of the things from Soviet history that has no problem with modern history. If Lenin’s monuments all over Russia has no meaning for people anymore, this monument is also about fighting against foreign intervention in 1917-1922 and not only for Soviet Power, so locals kinda still have to say thank you.


3. Submarine S-56
This is a REAL SUBMARINE! This thing actually moved under the sea, took part in sea battles, and sunk few ships during Second World War! Now it just stands in a middle of the city and anybody can go inside (for a fee, it’s a museum). Awesome? Yes!


4. Triumphal arch of Tsesarevich Nikolay
Even though it is a reconstruction of the original one, still beautiful piece of art. Tsesarevich is a first person in order of succession of power in Russian Empire. Arch has been demolished during soviet times, but later reconstructed. There is a nice park there too.



5. Orlinoe gnezdo (“eagle’s nest”) hill
Simply the best view point in the city. Everybody who comes there says “WOW!”. It is not very easy to get there, you will have to walk uphill for about 10 minutes. Also there is a monument to Kirill and Mefodiy (creators of Russian alphabet) there. If you care for some reason.


6. Railway Station
That’s a last (or first) stop of Trans-Siberian Railway. Beautiful building but don’t need to go inside.


7. Lenin
Did you expect to see Stalin? Hard to find one in Russia, but Lenins are still everywhere and here is another one.


8. Botanical Garden Institute
It is 20 minutes away from the city, but it is a best place to see Russian forest and nature. There are walking paths.

9. Bypass road De-Friz – Sedanka – Patrokol
You don’t really need to go to De-Friz, best part is from Sedanka to Patrokol and then you can go either to the city or to the Russian Island and FEFU. You can do this 20-minutes trip only by car or taxi. What’s so special? Once I had a very long trip through USA from Eastcoast to Westcoast and back and while I was on a road every day for a few weeks, I have found out that soil and rocks can actually be interesting. I know it is super “nerdy”, but landscapes on this road are very beautiful and not exactly in lists of tourist attractions, even though they are more beautiful than regular landmarks.

10. Bypass road from Bagration’s Square (there is no actual square) to Fabrika Zarya
This is another beautiful road, this time through the forest. It is very narrow, and have many sharp turns so be careful and don’t drive fast. It takes just about 5-10 minutes to drive, but very beautiful.


11. Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russian Island
Huge University located on an island 20 minutes away from the city, connected via the Russian Bridge. Basically, you can just go for a walk on a territory and especially on a seafront (you can go for swimming here). Also you can rent a bike (recommended), play tennis, football, basketball and everything else. Use bus number 15 to get there from the city. You also will check the Russian Bridge on a way.

12. Zuma Restaurant and Del Mar Restaurant
These places are restaurants but they became landmarks themselves. Del Mar is a place to try seafood and enjoy spectacular view. Zuma is a beautiful place with fantastic food of many kinds (mostly Asian). Even though you should not always trust Trip Advisor, but this restaurant was the best in a whole Russia in 2014.

13. Hockey in Fetisov Arena
Even if you are not a fan of hockey pay a visit, atmosphere is great. Local team is called Admiral. Check the calendar of games here: http://hcadmiral.ru/calendar/

Other places

1. Bridge via Zolotoy Rog bay (Zolotoy Most, Golden Bridge)
You probably will find this bridge (and next one) as one of the main landmarks in Vladivostok. Even though it really helps to move around I am personally happy it has been built, for foreigners it is just a bridge and you will see it from many places, don’t need to go specifically.

2. Bridge to the Russian Island
Also a long bridge to the island where FEFU is located. You will use it on a way to FEFU.

3. The Automotive Antiques Museum
It is kinda far from a city center, but if you are interested in old cars get a taxi and check it out.

4. Obelisk on a ships seafront
That’s a bow of a ship, that stopped here first in 1860. You will walk by on a way to Submarine.


5. Seafront of Tsesarevich
A walking street by the bay.

6. Monument to Eleanor Pray
She lived in VL in the end of XIX and beginning of XX century, took many pictures and described a life here in letters to her friends in USA.

7. Monument to Vladimir Visotsky
Famous soviet singer-songwriter.

8. Maxim Gorkiy Theatre
Famous theatre but has plays only in Russian.

9. Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre
If you are into classical music, theatre, opera, etc. this is a great place to visit. Good for foreigners.

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