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Usually, people from Vladivostok who have an opportunity to travel try to shop anywhere else, but Vladivostok. Not a best place for shopping in my opinion as well. But you can benefit from exchange rate a lot nowadays, everything will be cheap for you if your homeland currency didn’t change its cost compare to US dollar in last few years. So since you are here or plan to come, check out these places:

Huge Zara store
I’ve been everywhere, trust me this Zara is giant. There are three floors (two for women, one for men and extra surface for kids on second floor), prices will be cheaper than in your local Zara due to exchange rate and it has a lot of cloth.


G-Shock watches store
If you are a fan of Casio G-Shock brand (or Baby-G and Protrek) check out this shop in Maliy GUM shopping center. It has almost every G-Shock model old and new. Also you will benefit a lot from the currency rate.


Big store with many sporting goods of all kind including cloth and shoes.


While you are in the city, you can notice that Arabic shisha (or hookah) is very popular around. People smoke flavored tobacco in restaurants and outside. You can get yourself one (small or big) in this big shisha store.


Best place to shop for electronics are DNS stores. They always have the cheapest prices. Biggest one is located on Gogolya street.


A place to shop for Play Station games.


Status Boutiques
If you are into luxurious cloth, you can check out these stores. Men’s store is located on 1-ya Morskaya street and Women’s store is not far on Posyetskaya street. However, even considering exchange rate, prices can be higher than in official stores.

If you want to check out a supermarket with groceries, I recommend you this one. They have very big variety.

A place to get coffee (not a cup, but coffee beans)


Flee market
There is no real flee market in Vladivostok anymore. But every Sunday at the morning (around 9.30 to 11 am) there is a market place for people who collect paper money and coins.


It is located on Partizanskiy Prospect 62a. Here:

flee market

There are also some shopping malls. You can go check them out, but be prepared, that they are not very big and also have same stores everywhere.

Clover House
One of the biggest shopping malls in the city, but still very small compare to foreign.

Another one. Has good food court though.


Pretty big and has underground parking, which is very rare around.

Maliy GUM
“Maliy” means small. It is not that small, but definitely not big. GUM has nothing to do with chewing gum, it is an abbreviation from “government universal store”, but this is what used to be in Soviet Union, now it just don’t mean anything. Has some good clothing stores, watch stores, Pandora (if you are a fan) and good foodcourt. Try YogoBoom yogurts and Naan’s meats. Probably better not in one day.



Many foreigners think that since Russia minds gold and diamonds jewelry will be cheap. However, it is not exactly true, because gold and diamonds are sold on commodity exchanges (burses) and cost almost the same for local jewelers and foreign. Anyway, there are many jewelry stores that sell gold and silver, they are 100% safe, and everything is real.


I don’t recommend to buy seafood, since you can’t really keep it refrigerated enough in a hotel, much better to eat it in seafood restaurants (Del Mar for example). And never buy seafood on a street if you don’t want to wake up in a hospital.

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