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When is the best time to come to Vladivostok?

The answer is easy – in September. Most of the time the weather in September is perfect for anybody in a world. It’s not too hot and not cold yet. You can still go swimming if you really want to.

When is it a good time to come to Vladivostok?

I’d say May to end of October. VL is not a very sunny city, but it doesn’t mean it’s always raining, most of the time the weather is pretty fine. In May and in at least half of June you probably will need to wear a very light jacket. In July and August it’s very hot. Not Dubai-hot, but shorts and t-shirt hot. Swimming season usually starts in July and ends in the end of September. And I am talking about normal type of swimming not run-in run-out, but more enjoyable, when you can actually stay in a water for 20-30 minutes. Water temperature can be around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Some people go swimming in May, but it’s definitely too cold for the most.

What about the rest of the year, should I come?

You can definitely come any time of the year. But in November it’s kinda getting colder every day, may be windy etc. However, you don’t need a winter jacket and winter boots yet. You are still able to do most of the stuff, but summer is nicer if you have an option.

December, January, February… Well, I’d lie if I tell you the weather is nice. It is not, it’s cold. Does it mean you can’t walk around in the streets because you will freeze to death? Of course no. It’s just a time when it is not very enjoyable to walk around, you need to wear two pair of pants sometimes and winter cloth. Sometimes it can be snowing which leads to lots of traffic problems. You can go snowboarding or skiing though.

March and April are ok, but it’s too dirty on the streets after snow melts.

So yeah, you can come anytime, but some months are better. Here, I made a little picture for you, if you were too lazy to read:


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