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Vladivostok has many bars and nightclubs. My general recommendation for foreigners is do not go there for the safety reasons. Many people are drinking and at nighttime, it is much easier to get in trouble and even though places are safe in general, have security and might be fun, better to occupy your time with other activities.

If you decided to go there you need to know, that some places might have facecontrol and dresscode and also 21+. So make sure you don’t come in shorts. Also you can’t smoke inside in most places and sometimes entrance can cost money (not too much usually).

Here are few places I personally think are good or at least fine. Obviously, I can’t guarantee that you will feel the same, but I hope so. Also, check their websites or call before coming to make sure they still work, find out working time, etc.

1. Zuma Karaoke

It is a part of the most famous restaurant in town – Zuma, so you will need to go to restaurant first and then somebody of the staff will lead you to the actual karaoke. Place has good crowd, live shows, great food, drinks and of course karaoke. You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to (even though there many songs in English or other languages), but if you do, there are no private rooms, it is just one big room for everybody, so practice your singing skills before you come to Vladivostok. Place is 100% safe and friendly for foreigners and also quite expensive.
And make a reservation, all tables can be occupied very often.

2. Selfie bar/nightclub

Also a part of a restaurant. Popular place with a very good location. If you are really into drinking and dancing I’d suggest you go there. Also very safe.

3. Moonshine
Not that much of a place for dancing, it is kinda quite but famous for cocktails. Also good location.

4. Mumiy Troll bar/Salon karaoke bar

I put a slash because these two places are connected so you can walk from one to another. I really wouldn’t recommend that much to go to MT, because from time to time you can hear that some fight happened here. But I had to put it here, because it is open 24/7 so If you came to VL in a middle of the week, it can be the only place to party. Salon starts as a karaoke place but closer to the middle of night becomes just a bar.

5. Cuckoo nightclub

Very famous place that has been popular for many years. It is a nightclub, but at a summer time also has an open terrace outside. Stay alert, because from time to time there are news about fights happened there.

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