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If you are wondering is it safe in Russia and in Vladivostok in particular, yes, it is safe in general. But you have to be alert and follow basic rules.

  1. Take care of your personal belongings all the time. I wouldn’t say that there are that many of pick-pocketing, but you can lose your stuff if you leave it on a table in a restaurant or other public places.
  1. Don’t give your phone to anybody “to call”.
  1. Try not to walk around at nighttime anywhere in a city.
  1. Don’t get drunk. Russian people in bars and nightclubs have a tendency to drink a lot with a new foreign friend. It is better to avoid this.
  1. If you have any problem with anybody at any time, if you have a reason to believe that somebody is trying to cheat you just say five magic words: “I will call to police”. 99% of the times, your problems will disappear. If they don’t – actually call to police. Number is 112 for mobile phones and 02 for stationary phones.
  1. Don’t ever try to bribe a policeman. I don’t say there is no corruption in police, but I have heard numerous stories from foreigners that policemen would tell them directly that they can not accept anything from a foreigner, it is just not right for the image of country. Most of the time if you have any problems with a law you can get away for just being a foreigner.
  1. If something from your stuff got stolen and it is important to you – go to police station or just any policeman, there is a very big chance that you will get your thing back.
  1. Never, NEVER! drink alcohol and drive! Legal amount of alcohol in blood for Russia is 0! One bottle of beer can become very expensive for you if you get caught. And it is very easy to get caught, since police can randomly stop you on the road. So one more time: do not ever drink and drive while you are in Russia.

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