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Most of the foreigners come to Vladivostok via Vladivostok International Airport (code VVO). First of all, here is it’s website – you can find a lot of information there.

This airport is all right. It is new, it is not very big, but it has good places for coffee, food and a duty free shop with alcohol (if you go abroad). Best place to eat is in a corner of first floor – Sbarro.

Airport is about 40 minutes away from the city. To get to the city you have three options:

  1. Bus
  2. Train
  3. Taxi

Now here is a problem with all of them. In order to get a ride you need a pay with RUBLES! And if your flight arrives late at night (like many international flights) money exchange services can not work in the airport. However, there are ATM’s, so you can actually withdraw rubles even if your card is nominated in other currency.

Other problem is a schedule of trains and buses. They just don’t go often enough! There can be a situation when you need to wait for a few hours before bus or train comes.

Check bus schedule here (you need bus number 107):
Cost is 100 RUR (+20 RUR per one piece of luggage). Price may vary, check it here (use Google Tranlsate):
Time in travel is about 1 hour 15 minutes depending on traffic. Bus stop is right outside of the Terminal here (blue sign above yellow sign):


Train schedule is here:
Cost is 350 RUR. Price may vary, check it here (use Google Translate):
Time in travel is about 1 hour and you avoid traffic. You get to the train from the Terminal, go to your right when you got your luggage.

Train and bus both arrive to the stop called Railway Station (J/D Vokzal, Ж/Д Вокзал; Ж/Д is like R/W – short for Railway), it is in a downtown. From there you can get a bus to your hotel or get a taxi. If you decided to go by bus make sure you have small bills, at least 500’s or smaller.


Taxi to the city is the most comfortable way to get to your hotel. And it’s cheap. Real price from Airport to anywhere in the city is around 1000-1500 rubles (~20 USD). Taxi is the only way to get to the city if you arrive at nighttime. There is no some sort of line of taxis like in a big airports, no, here you have 3 options:

  1. Official taxi stand. It will be more expensive (~30 USD) but it is easiest way for foreigner. You can show name and address of you hotel to a woman in a stand and she will arrange everything. Look around the Terminal or check out the map on – it’s easy to find a taxi stand. However in a deep night they might not work.
  1. Random taxi dude. There are bunch of them in a Terminal and they will offer you their services saying “Taksi nado?” Here is the deal – they are ok, if you know the price. And price is 20 USD. But, they don’t speak English and they probably will not understand a word “twenty”. As soon as they realize you are a foreigner and trying to negotiate price in USD I can bet you, that they will say “Sto dollar”, which means “Hundred dollars”, mostly because this is the only type of dollar bill that is in use if you keep your money in dollars. You can say “dvadsat” which is “twenty” in Russian. If you don’t feel like bargain – 30 USD will be fine. But of course you must have exact amount. If you got yourself some rubles from ATM you can offer from 1000 to 1500 russian rubles for a ride. Don’t be afraid if the driver will be different from the person with whom you negotiated the price. Also don’t be afraid if you will not be the only person, there can be another passenger just like you. However if you don’t feel like having this extreme activities use official taxi stand.
  2. Get yourself an app Taxi Maxim or Yandex Taxi or use website:

After you order a car, you will receive an automatic call and SMS with a plate number of your car and time of waiting, you also will see the approximate cost. It can change a little, mostly around 1000-1500 RUR. You MUST pay in Rubles and in cash! Driver might call you asking if you got your luggage, because they can stay in the airport parking only for 15 minutes for free, so if you get a call from him asking you something just say “outside”. Go out and wait, look at the cars that come and look for the number of license plate you got in SMS. Uber don’t work in Vladivostok at the moment, but check on arrival, may be it appeared

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