Where to stay?

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Obviously, Hotels.com, Booking.com and Airbnb.com are at your service nowadays, but let me give you few advices.

Stay in a city center.

Most of the interesting places are located there. Streets like Aleutskaya, Svetlanskaya (from 1 to 60), Naberezhnaya, Semenovskaya, Fontannaya, Okeanskiy Prospect (from 1 to 30), Uborevicha and others form the city center. Also there is no big difference in a hotel prices from neighborhood to neighborhood, so whenever you have option – stay inside this circle:


Stay in one of this hotels:

Hyundai – best
Azimut – good, some rooms are kinda small
Astoria – good hotel too, but city center is about 3-5 km away (bus stop is near though).

Don’t stay in:

Versalle – fantastic location, but _very_ old and _very_ overpriced.
Amurskiy Zaliv – very old.

If you travel on a budget, there are many hostels that offer hostel-type hospitality and you can find them all on Booking. But stay alert, if a night costs 10 USD you might have different types of neighbors.

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