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Oh, hello there! So were they good? I mean the articles? If yes, then thanks a lot, if no… At least I tried!

My name is Alexey and I really like Vladivostok. I had an opportunity to travel to many countries all over the world (I even have been to North Korea once). Nowadays it is easy to travel: we have Google Maps, Trip Advisor, Uber, Hotels.com, Sky Scanner, etc. But never mind that, what can be better, than good old fashioned local dude? The one who can just simply tell you where to go, where to eat, what kind of crowd in a certain places, where prices are lower, where tacos are fire hot, where Chinese food is better than in China, how to win casino… you know all that kind of stuff. Well let me be your local dude for VL.

I don’t sell anything on this site and don’t do tours. This site gives me zero profits and I do it just for fun, because I really want you to come, check out this wonderful city and leave with a good impression. In order to make your adventure more interesting, comfortable and safe I write all this stuff whenever I feel like doing it.

If you have any questions – reach me via email alvaev@gmail.com

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